Detect Dark/Light theme

In this post I will show how to detect which theme (dark/light) user selected in system settings. When designing your application, as long as you don’t change the default brushes, it is possible that you wont need this at all, because operating system will automatically adjust your application colors to match the colors defined by the Dark or Light theme.

With that said, there are times you may need this, either you made some custom control and you want to be theme-aware or you want to your app to look different depending on the theme selection.

To detect which theme was selected you have to check local resource PhoneLightThemeVisibility, like in code below:

var v = (Visibility)Resources["PhoneLightThemeVisibility"];
if (v == Visibility.Visible) //if this is true, "Light" theme was selected
//do something
//do something



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